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Classes For All Fitness Levels



Our fundamentals curriculum is where it all begins! It provides an ongoing training plan with the right combination of self-defence, takedowns, and ground techniques into a cohesive progression of classes through a period of 20 weeks. You can join the classes at any point in the 20 week cycle.

Intermediate to Advanced

Our intermediate to advanced classes define the continuity and progression of a student’s development in Jiu-Jitsu towards black belt and beyond. Here you will be progressively exposed to more complex techniques and drills as well as a training environment that will demand more from you. 

Children's classes

Our children’s curriculum has been fully designed by Professor Ali. For each age and level, it is organised into weekly cycles for a total of 20 weeks. The combination of techniques, drills, and other class elements are carefully combined to provide students with classes that are challenging and fun at the same time. We teach classes for children from age 3.

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