Alternative provision

About our provision
Our sessions are delivered at our bespoke facility in Hastings which is just a few minutes’ walk from the town centre. Each session is delivered by two qualified instructors, and they typically run from 10:15 – 15:00.
All sessions include:

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Jiu Jitsu is a grappling based martial art, with a strong basis in physics and anatomy, which is growing exponentially around the world. It is renowned for its health benefits which include all round fitness and specifically, personal well-being and mental health benefits.
It is an ideal sport for secondary age students, especially boys, as it appeals to their natural desire to wrestle and play fight and we deliver the skills of technique along with developing self-control and anger management.

Fitness sessions are a key part of the provision. Each term we work on at least three of the 8 components of fitness (strength, power, balance, agility, coordination, flexibility, muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance). Students are tested in a range of disciplines at the beginning and end of term, and they work towards targeted personal fitness goals throughout the duration of their time with us.  The fitness component is in line with elements of GCSE PE and is delivered by a qualified teacher and a qualified personal trainer with specific knowledge and experience of delivering targeted fitness & nutrition plans.
We play a range of team-based games throughout the session which while improving fitness, also provide soft skills such as communication, teamwork and strategic thinking.

Sessions are delivered by Ali Bayley & Zak Horsley.
Ali is a qualified teacher with 25 years of experience. She is also a 2nd degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Zak is a highly experienced personal trainer with a range of qualifications in health, nutrition and fitness. He is a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Ali & Zak have been working together delivering the provision since 2019.

We can deliver a Young Leader Award which is accredited by the British Sports Council. The leadership qualification will be delivered and assessed in full at the provision. Certificates are sent to the school for the student’s files.

A weekly report is provided for each student via email and a termly report with all test results is sent to the school in a format which can be sent home to parents.

All instructors all hold enhanced DBS checks and have up-to-date safeguarding & first aid training.  Our academy has been awarded the Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts kitemark and our policies can be viewed on request.
We are part of the ESCC Alternative Provision Directory.

“I can honestly say this provision has been invaluable in helping us provide an alternative provision to students that would otherwise be at serious risk of PEX.  They have also worked with students who struggled to engage with school, and we have seen improvements in attendance and engagement.”
Ark Alexandra Academy

“For the past three years, Darkstar Jiu Jitsu has been an alternative provision for students who have struggled to engage with their learning and studies in a classroom or to regulate their behaviours in a mainstream environment. The skills, structure and relationships formed from Jiu Jitsu are immeasurable. This was evident after the effects of lockdown. Not only did they physically benefit but mentally, whether being more focused, their well-being, confidence or just having a good day. This also improved relationships with parents and carers as they would receive positive phone calls and rewards for their children. Lots of these students also earned qualifications. I wish this was part of every school’s curriculum.”
The St Leonards Academy

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